Mariasam Foundation

Saving one life at a time by his Grace through Research and new technology



— We Collaborate & Affiliate

with renowned research institutions, universities, and other related entities to establish a world class research center in Nigeria to service the African continent in the ares of research and lifestyle


— We Research & Promote

the awareness of early diagnostics of life
threatening diseases, seeking treatments on time, and managing remission.


— We Equip Future Leaders

through certification programs, which will be affiliated with a combination of traditional college courses and practical real life experiences


— We Counsel

victims of life threatening diseases through support groups, one-on-one sessions, workshops, seminars and conferences


— We Facilitate

programs of related non-profit, organizations, institutions and research groups


Patients have all been referred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for proper treatment and the foundation is responsible for the treatment.

MariaSam foundation is focused on developing a state of the art health research and leadership center, thereby sending its staff for training in the USA to understand global practices.

This is to be achieved through consistent training programs for medical doctors and personnelall over Africa.

Presently, the foundation is sending five doctors to America for a training program at Howard University Hospital, Washington DC; the training will enable doctors from the Oncology and Pathology Departments of LUTH to increase their knowledge in the management and treatment of terminal disease

Free medical screening at bank Olemoh playground powered by first bank

December 2010. 1000 people were screened and one person was diagnosed with HIV, two people had cervical lesion, five had breast lump and 8 people with diabetes.

Catholic mission august 2010 powered by Mobil

we screened over 2500 women, children and men

Sponsored chemotherapy worth 12.6 millon Naira

we have been able to raise funds worth a total of 12.6 million Naira to pay for chemotherapy sessions of numerous people diagnosed with cancer

Ife new road ministry church screening 2010 December

300 people were screened of which one was HIV positive, 5 people had breast cancer,18 with diabetes and 15 high with blood pressure.

Redeemed medical mission powered by the redeemed Christian church of God

we were able to screen over 3000 women.

Generator for LASUTH

through sponsorship we were able to procure a generator worth 3.7 million Naira for the Lagos University Teaching Hospital


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