Mariasam Foundation

Saving one life at a time by his Grace through Research and new technology


we research and promote the awareness of early diagnostics of life threatening diseases, seeking treatments on time, and managing remission.

through massive research of organic plants and other natural resources and the exploration of new technology as well as share the grace of hope and care with such patients without prejudice regardless of race, religion, or other affiliations.

Our primary objective at MariaSam is to promote health Research in Africa with consideration of the environment, health conditions, habits and availability of natural resources to manage the prevention and cure for the decease as well as initiate awareness of the importance of early diagnostics of the disease.


A combination of spiritual and medical research that will encourage patients and survivors in form of support groups, one on one consultation, workshops, seminars and campaigns.

Health Research and Awareness: Primary we execute our programs directly through counseling, group support, one-on-one sessions, workshops, seminars, conferences.  Also we facilitate programs of related non-profit organizations, institutions, and research groups.

Leadership Empowerment: The leadership program is mainly focusing on the importance of integrity, good governance, and hope among the existing and aspiring political, business and community leaders in Africa.


— Our Mission

To research and promote the awareness of early diagnostics of life threatendiseases, seeking treatments on time, and managing remission
To reinforce the basics of the culture of hope among our people and foresight among our leaders.

— Our Vision

To make the remedies for the cure and prevention of cancer in Africa household information

— Our Story

We’ve come to realize that a good percentage of Africans belief that cancer is a “white man” disease with the thought that such diseases do not exist in our society, and secondly some belief that the diagnosis of cancer is a “death sentence”, therefore they do not consider seeking treatment at any stage of the disease which eventually will lead to unnecessary loss of lives. we intend to change this narrative



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